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Our dried peaches are obtained from high sugar content peaches coming from the most fruitful Valleys of Chile.
With bright yellow color,  firm flesh and seed not attached to the fruit we have an excellent raw material quality to offer to our customers.

We dehydrate peaches in our processing plant, beginning with the pitted process and peeled, then exposed to a dose of sulfur dioxide (SO2) to ensure proper color, and great resistance to fungal attack. Then dehydrated in the tunnels for subsequent selection and packaging.

Afterwards stored at warehouse for a period of approximately 1 month in order to homogenize the product and get stabilized.

The harvest takes place during the months of January and February, months in which are performed the process of dehydration in our plant.

Dried Peaches provide lots of minerals like potassium, iron, calcium and sodium, plus vitamins A and B3.

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