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Our processing plant is located in the most suitable area for dried fruit production, The
Aconcagua Valley.

Over a 5 hectares area, located at: Carretera General San Martín S/N Sector Bucalemu, San Felipe, was built up by the year 2001 our processing plant of 15000m2 and 200m2 of offices.
Installing here the production lines with the most modern technology for processing dried fruit.
Santis Frut´s machinery is imported from the most prestigious companies in the U.S. and Europe, which are specialized in food dehydration.

By June 2009 we installed the most modern laser sorting machine and an X-Ray sorter, brought from Europe.
Also in early September 2009 is implemented The Quality Assurance System "HACCP" to ensure a quality product to our customers worldwide.

In our business we look for permanent efficiency in all our production processes, providing them with technology, innovation and constant controls.



Carretera General San Martín s/n, San Felipe - Chile / Tel: (56-34) 530051 Fax: (56-34) 530054 Casilla 67 / E-mail: